Crisp Winter Mornings

14° this beautiful crisp winter morning in twin Lakes Colorado. We’re out showing property -beautiful homes over looking Twin Lakes and the majestic mountains. So many outdoor recreational activities here, access to national forest, hiking, fishing, skiing, or enjoy the beautiful views from your private retreat. Call us today for private showing of these incredible homes in the Twin Lakes and Buena Vista area.

Posted By: Julie Kersting, Broker Owner of Pinon Real Estate Group – Buena Vista

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year All! What a year it has been – both personal and business. Every year has its ups and downs. Occasions to remember and lessons to be learned. Here are just a few of my favorite things to reflect on this past year:

Since I have been with Pinon, we had our best year yet-keeping everyone at the office very busy. Brokers worked past the evening hours making sure contract deadlines were being met, making phone calls to get estimates for inspection items, driving here and there to get signatures, and so much more! Stressful at times, but so much fun getting to see the satisfaction of our customers at closing.

I had the pleasure of planning several fun events this year for the company. My favorites all being in December – Christmas Opening, Pinon Open House & the Deck the Door Competition. Each year it just gets better and better. We hosted the Polar Express again this year at the Christmas Opening and had an incredible turn out. Providing cookies and hot cocoa and handing each kid his/her very own silver jingle bell at the end of the movie. It’s such a warm feeling to see the kids’ faces light up when they hear the bells ringing.

This year we celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary at our Open House. We loved getting to see family, friends, co-workers, clients, and community members at our Open House. We are so blessed with such a wonderful support system.

Then of course our Deck the Door Competition. Where people decorate an exterior door in a holiday fashion and submit a picture to be entered into the voting poll. The creativity and effort that goes into these doors is so awesome!

I am so thankful for the time I got off to visit family and friends in the Midwest throughout the year and take a few days off when my oldest niece came to visit. Family time is such a treasured aspect in my life. I was fortunate to get out camping and hiking a few times this year, cross country ski in the winter/spring and ATVing in the summer.

Wishing you all rich blessings and prosperity in 2016!


-Written by: Stephanie

Photo Credits: Stephanie, Cindy & each Deck the Door Competition participant

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Racing for your Home Team

So I just have to share with you how lucky we are to live in this beautiful area that offers our kids so many unique opportunities! My son Jared got involved with the mountain bike team for high school age kids last year as a sophomore.  This is his second year riding and to see how much he has grown in his technique, strength and confidence with riding has been unbelievable.  I just have to say it is such a crazy fun sport to watch.

FullSizeRender3 IMG_0788

The Buena Vista Racing team has such an amazing group of boys and girls that compete every other weekend with the season running from September through October.  We were fortunate this year to have a local meet out at the McMurray Ranch in Nathrop.  This was such a great opportunity for locals to come out and see what mountain bike racing is all about. The Southern Conference raced on Saturday, Oct. 3rd, and the North Conference raced on Sunday, Oct. 4th. The team and many locals volunteered that weekend to make the race a great success!  The team was even voted and awarded for being the All Star Team South Conference. We really are lucky to have this area that offers so many trails for these guys to ride.  Many days after school if you were up in the Midland Trail area you might have seen them riding.

These kids go out and give so much with competing against others or against themselves. The best part is they have so much fun! I have never seen so much team, coach and even us crazy parents support. We have had so much fun with this group from team dinners and traveling with tents and campers to stay the weekend where their race is at!

We just finished the season last weekend with the state races being over in Eagle.  I’m not sure I’m ready for it to be over myself.  This group of kids has had so much fun together and have just encourage each other the whole way.  Buena Vista offers so many other sports and activities that really let kids be unique and find what fits them!  How can anyone find a better place than Buena Vista!

FullSizeRender IMG_0717 IMG_0782 IMG_0786  IMG_0795 FullSizeRender2 IMG_0852

Posted By: Cindy
Photo Credits: Colorado Cycling League, Cindy, Taf & Linda

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1.  a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
3. ECOLOGY – a group of interdependent organisms of different species growing or living together in a specified habitat.
A picture speaks a thousand words. And I think its safe to say these pictures don’t need any words at all. But for those of you reading this who don’t know what this dinner is all about, let me put it in perspective. Once a year, the last Monday of September, just about the entire community gathers together to break bread as one big family. We assemble to celebrate the end of a busy summer and joyfully welcome the fast approaching fall season.
1 3 6IMG_07364   IMG_4666 IMG_4667 IMG_4671 IMG_4673 IMG_4676
This isn’t something I ever expected to be a part after growing up in Columbus, Ohio. People often ask me if I would ever move back and without hesitation, my answer is “never.” I would never move back to the busy city life; lost in the hustle and bustle of traffic and stressful work environments. It is here in this quaint mountain town that I have found my meaning in life. Instead of shopping and going to the movies every weekend, I spend my days hiking in the mountains, fishing the Arkansas River, ATVing through the Aspen groves, and cross country skiing (sometimes in short sleeves!) with my loved ones and two dogs. I love creating memories instead of buying materialistic things which come and go as the seasons changes. Memories last forever. I love this mountain town, and every person in in, no matter our differences.
I have yet to hear of another town or city that does something like this. Shuts down all of Main Street to dine together as one. It’s in this small town, that when tragedy or turmoil happens, whether they know you or not, the whole community is reaching out to stand by your side offering prayers, monetary assistance, food, guidance, anything you might need to help you get through the hard times. It is here that in times of happiness, they are sending congratulations and well wishes. No matter their differences.
It is for these reasons and many more that I love this town and plan to forever call it my home. Plus, you just can’t beat the views!
Posted By: Stephanie
Photo credits: Stephanie & Cindy
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Falling in Love with Autumn

As we are out showing and sharing our valley with clients this view, the smell of fresh cut hay, the crisp mountain air, the wildlife and this pristine view never gets old or dull.  This valley is rich in history ranging from ranching, mining, farming (including the lettuce fields and ice blocks from Ice Lake) expanding to the most recent Arkansas River recreation and new designation of Browns Canyon National Park. Plan your visit now and let us know when you will be here so we can share and show our precious community with you.

IMG_1806 IMG_1807 IMG_1808

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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! The aspens and perennials are budding and that means it is time to check in on your curb appeal! Below is a link to an article with several helpful suggestions to make your home more attractive and inviting to potential buyers.


Spring Flowers2

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When You’re Ready To Retire

Consider Colorado! According to BankRate it’s number 2, just behind Wyoming, on the list of best states to retire. This list was based on each state’s cost of living, crime rate (violent and property crimes), health care quality, state and local tax burden, personal well-being for seniors and weather. We couldn’t agree more. The weather we have been having these past couple of weeks is fantastic. This morning we had a light dusting of snow to blanket our mountains and by the afternoon it will be mid-50’s and sunny! For those of you who don’t know, that’s t-shirt and capri weather for us.

Mt Princeton_3_2015


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What are you waiting for?

If last year wasn’t the right time for you to buy, 2015 just might be. An article from CNN money discusses how getting a mortgage is predicted to get easier. Two major contributing factors are the lowering of downpayment requirements and clarification of when banks will be responsible to buy back loans that have defaulted, which will help ease strict underwriting requests and enable the lending process to go more smoothly. Already several banks have said they have relaxed a bit over the past 3 months. This is great news for buyers entering the market. And this week brings even more great news! According to Freddie Mac’s VP and chief economist, Frank Nothaft, mortgage rates continued to fall despite an unexpected unemployment rate decrease, plummeting oil prices and long-term Treasury yields taking a dip. The conventional loan dropped to 3.66% from last week’s 3.73%; the 15-year fixed rate hit its lowest since May 2013 at 2.98% and ARM rates dropped to 2.98% (5-year) and 2.37% (1-year). To read these articles in full, see the links below.

Plus, with a view like this at 6:45 AM, who wouldn’t want to move here?
Mt Princeton_2-2015

So, what are you waiting for?
Photo Credits: Stephanie Rauch

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Ringing in a New Year

Here we are, the first week of January 2015! Hard to believe 2014 went by so quickly. There is so much to reflect on and be thankful for in 2014. For starters, we had a fantastic spring and summer with no major fires or flooding. The snowmelt provided superior conditions for the rafting season helping to boost our economy here in the valley. In addition, CKS record crowds at their annual Paddle Fest. As the year went on, our town continued to progress in making additions and changes to include becoming a designated Colorado Main Street community. Among all the outstanding achievements, came a few solemn moments as does every year. In these times of hardship and trepidation, our little town showed just how close-knit and supportive we are. We celebrated our first BV Community Dinner and what a grand example of what our small town is capable of doing! About 1700 people came together to break bread and enjoy each other’s company as we remembered those who were lost in the rock slide a year prior. This year we held a successful Bark or Biscuit event where pet owners dressed up their pets and brought them trick or treating (photos below). We also had a second very success Deck the Door Competition with 8 extraordinary door submissions (photos below)! We wrapped the year up with our annual Open House where we served delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts! We are so thankful for each every one of our clients, friends and families who wholeheartedly support us as individuals and as a team! Here’s to wishing you a joyful and blessed New Year!

DSCN0689 Bailey Chief Cora IMG_2867 Lucy Norman pepper Rye Sadie Tenaya unknown  Alyssa  BVHSFlavin Greenfield Kaitlin Topper SmytheMatt ScottVinton & Emily

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2014 Deck the Door Contest

Go LIKE our Facebook page and vote on your favorite door by liking the photo in the 2014 Deck the Door Contest album!

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